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Saturday, 24 November 2012


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So, there is a group called "Indigenous White British". Or IWB for short. How about forming a party for us David?

Problem is, 'Envelope', that throughout my life I have been noted for a taking a tan very, perhaps, too, quickly. I always put it down to a long-lost great grandfather in the Black Watch but my late father-in-law was convinced I was an Arab!

The comrades in the People's Republic will be voting for another red-flag waving monkey on Thursday. This must be a UKIP plot to get further up the queue for second place.

I understand that one of UKIP's candidates in some election or other is deep deep black. So surely, the IWB could make an exception for you. Anyway, if your weather is like ours, you are unlikely to be tanned.

If only UKIP were that clever, Jannie (welcome to D&N by the way) but you really couldn't make this one up!

Today, 'Envelope', and apparently for the rest of the weekend I am pale, wan, washed-out and whiter than white - as well as wet!

Surely Social Services, not Social Security ?

The woman let her personal politics decide on her decision methinks. She will probably get the heave ho soon.
David it was difficult to tell ones race where I lived in Bridgeton, East End Glasgow. Everyone was black from the fallout from the factories and steelworks. You booked a bath in the steamie on a Friday and the white man suddenly appeared!

You've let me down, Jimmy, I was expecting a contribution to my 'Jock Jokes' post!

Laban, belated thanks for your correction - the steam coming out of my ears must have clouded my specs!

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