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Thursday, 29 November 2012


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Cracking stuff Duff! Let's hope your shiny-faced new best friend can triumph against all those sanctimonious thieves and fornicators who want to keep their grubby little doings secret. My old Dad had a pithy word or two for the likes of them: Bible in one hand, p***k in the other.

I think these days their expenses sheet has taken over from the Bible, Sam!

Yes, I agree. It is a strange "liberal" party who would vote for state controls of the press. I don't think Dave is doing it for the "right" reasons (i.e. principles). I think he is worried about pissing off Murdoch and Brooks who would then have nothing to lose by dishing the dirt on what actually happens at a "country supper". But all this will be good for Dave. It will help him to develop some slightly thicker slime, which might then develop into cartilege, and then a backbone.

Dave is a politician to the fingertips and I reckon he is boxing clever on this one.

'Oh no not me' says Dave, while Parliament does come up with legislation that does not seem to have anyone's fingerprints on it. A prediction - legislation will help conceal more than it helps reveal.

'Slime to cartilege to backbone' - superb, 'W'!

I do think, Roger, that the newspapers need to move quickly and pre-empt parliamentary action. All that is needed is a fast and reasonably cheap method by which complainants can quickly seek redress from a patently independent body for what they think is wrongful action by the press. Mind you, it could all be a waste of time because the newspaper industry is disappearing faster than horse-drawn carriages in the 19th century! At which point, the blogging fraternity will come under fire!

This is interesting

Yes, a good article but the writer concentrates on the here and now. What he should attempt is an effort to imagine the future when politicians having achieved the objective of putting a statutory foot over the toes of the editors will attempt to shift it to their throats!

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