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Friday, 23 November 2012


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Couldn't you walk or possibly swim?

There is no evidence:-

Because there really is none
I shredded it
I hid it
I filed it under xxxxxx
I sent it to archive
I put a different interpretation on it
I didn't think it relevant
The Minister is not minded to proceed
I am scared of the libel lawyers
I don't want my daughter torn to shreds by a hot-shot barrister

Ms Racoon is right (in a narrow sense) to point out the lack of solid evidence - but in these cases there rarely is. For similar reasons there is no evidence that money will buy you a seat in the House of Lords. Legal evidence is not the same as scientific evidence, not by a long chalk. Remember the law is a very clumsy and imperfect implement designed to protect the powerful, seldom little girls. So yes, any competent barrister can get a guilty person off given a lot less than half a chance.

The most unpleasant aspect of this tale is that no-one blew the whistle while the alleged cover-ups continued - anyone surprised?

Thus it is and always has been with human affairs - very, very messy. But I think the main point that Ms. Raccoon is making is that very many of the complainants are simply lying through their teeth and jumping on what might be a very lucrative bandwagon. I agree with you concerning the vagaries of the legal system but what else is there? And all the more reason to cling, sometimes with gritted teeth, to the old adage - innocent until proven guilty.

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