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Sunday, 02 December 2012


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"up-dating to Microsoft 8": how very courageous, Minister.

Wait 'til Bill Gates hears about this.
He will be excited.

I think Churchill had the last word about democracy and other forms of government.

New links added, David. Mr. Land has extended his essay.

I can only repeat myself. Treat yourself to an iMac!

It's the courage, DM, of the blithely ignorant!

Yes, Dom, but as Mr. Land reminds us, he also said something to the effect that belief in democracy would not last beyond five minutes conversation with the average voter!

Oh gee, thanks, Malcolm, there goes another few hours!

Are you mad, 'Envelope'? It has taken me a dozen years to be vaguely familiar with (very) basic MS Windows. You might as well ask me to learn Chinese!

The iMac is designed for people like you!

I got an iMac last year. Learned it all in about 2 hours. I'll never go back to windows, except for business reasons. Now I have an iPad and an iPhone.

The only thing I don't like about iMac is the Finder, the app that takes the place of Windows Explorer. I think they tried to make it different from explorer and came up a little short.

But ... but, you don't understand, I want Bill Gates to have my babies!

You'll probably have kittens!

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