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Saturday, 01 December 2012


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You are not allowed to actually SEE cigarettes in Australia any more. All nicotine products are hidden behind drop down shelves and it's all sold in brown paper bags or something.
Very daring and gay 30's.
I am thinking of taking it up! I rather fancy that air of mystery. Might buy a long black holder.
Hasn't stopped anybody I know who already smokes, they just buy pretty covers for the nasty boxes go about their business, which has to be held by rushing out to the bushes, 100 yards or so away from the "legitimate" population, every time the urge overcomes the poor deluded creatures.
What's that you say? Why don't they just ban the rotten things? Oh, but what about the many millions of dollars cigarettes earn in tax? Just hide them then, and we'll ignore the whole affair.
Oh, getting warmer, is it? Let's have a carbon tax. That'll fix that.
Well, aren't we moving forward?

Such cynicism in one so young!

Most of the time i did not mind all those anti smoker which they really don't know why many people really making an hard time to quit smoking in some part of the world specially Sweden they are using now electronic cigarette which many of them reduces the amount of nicotine they can get in a normal tobacco.

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