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Sunday, 23 December 2012


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Thanks for the good wishes, Duff, and please accept my own for you and yours.
(I write as one of your lurkers who read your blog regularly, and have never posted!)

Very wise, Oswald, you can meet some very deeply weird people hanging around here! Anyway, thanks for you wishes and enjoy next week.

I resent that aspersion being cast my way I am not in the slightest 'weird', merely a touch eccentric (or is that just my guilty conscience jumping to conclusions?). Nevertheless, best wishes to you and yours Sir.

Oh, not you, Able, a veritable beacon of sanity, you are, if I may mix my metaphors! No, no, it's the old coot who runs this place who worries me . . . ooops, er, shurely shome mishtake methinks.

Merry Christmas to you and yours David - and a sparkling New Year!

Keep on truckin', Duffers.

We're trying very hard to give us some Christmas cheer David, I think maybe if some of you UK folks'd add your names to the list we could all enjoy finally, some real Christmas cheer!

C'mon now, ya'll join in for a big, Merry Christmas!

Thanks, AK, and I promise to do my best to sparkle in the New Year!

Dammit, DM, you know where to find 'em!

No chance, JK, otherwise the little shit will come back here. Mind you, if you remember, I did say nice things about him a few months back.

Nice Pic David. I wish you all the best this Xmas and the following year.

Worth remembering David, you do miss'im dernt'cha?

We've never done drawing and quartering well - tarring and feathering I suppose...

But we'd be receptive (and eager) should you send us one of those "DIY videos."

Thanks, Jimmy, and likewise to you and yours.

It's easy-peasy, JK, just take one of those huge hunting knives you all love in 'Arkieland' and use your imagination!

Very best wishes for a happy Christmas, DD.

Thanks, 'W', you, too.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear Duffers.

Thank you, darling Miss Red, and a glass of something suitable will be raised in (roughly) your direction tomorrow.

Too bad our climate here doens't allow for such nice pictures! That being so, we'll take comfort from some boring sunny beach.

¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo le deso a usted y a todos los suyos!

(that's an easy one for the google translator)

Thank you, Ortega, and it's good to hear from you - I was beginning to worry! However, Google Translate has ordered you to write 50 lines because you forgot the second 'e' in "deso". (Thank God I'm not the only one to make spelling mistakes!)


Not only I'm not improving at all in english, but I'm forgetting the few spanish I had learnt. Maybe next year...

At our age who cares, Ortega, just open another bottle of Rioja!

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