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Saturday, 22 December 2012


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Have to agree with you on Bork David (and I'll add you've reminded me of my Dad [well except for the lack of profanities whenever the fatbag's name was mentioned]) - but fortunately since, we've got Scalia and Thomas.

Fortunate too - the Justices who actually do look like they could go at any time, are of that class you despair of so perhaps the O will only have the opportunity to replace them.

I would take issue with one of your points - don't bury the Tea Party at least quite yet. There's a nice young man you may've (well you have 'cause you called him to my attention) anyways - Arkansas' Tom Cotton.

You'll be hearing more of him I think.

The opportunity for 'O' to replace Justices is exactly what terrifies me!

Did the repulsive Saul Alinsky advocate any tactics not already used by Thomas Jefferson?

What exactly do you have in mind, DM?

Compare "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it" with the Declaration of Independence.

Bit of a stretch there, DM!

DM, what exactly is this bug you have against Jefferson? And concerning Jefferson and Alinsky, they are two non-overlapping sets.

I think, Dom, that DM takes the entire American War of Independence as a personal insult!

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