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Friday, 28 December 2012


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Monbiot is not daft. This is daft. (Via Malcolm Pollack)

Nature abhors Georgie Mumsbott.

Naive and lacking in worldly wisdom, probably because he had such a privileged childhood; and painfully slow to learn. There are many people like him, and given a nice sinecure, a supportive village, and a more hard-headed spouse, they can thrive. The only difficulty is that the electronic media allow him to spread his daft ideas to a wider audience.

Dom, truly may it be said that you do things bigger and better 'over there', Penn succeeds in out-Monbioting Monbiot!

A tad vacant, you think, DM?

Most of his senior family, 'W', were staunch Tories so perhaps he has only been doing what we all tend to do, rebel against our parents. On the other hand, most of us get over it by the age of 21!

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