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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


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Hah! Real men wear:

Oh, and it's so nice to see some real science still being performed (after all it's got to be at least as accurate as all those cold weather readings from the soviets, who payed their staff by how cold it was - no chance of corrupt data there then?). I would suggest there could be a correlation with my own HAT data (being slightly deficient in supra-orbital hirsuteness), I find I've graduated to a thermal, and even a fur-lined 'mad-bomber' hat, at least 2% of a year earlier this year. I suggest we amalgamate our data sets and present it in a graph format (maybe we could give it some jaunty name like ' the cricket bat' - then we can get rich like Al Bore, millionaires even).

I trust it is not rabbit fur, it might be catching.

I have a pair of thermal long johns, but rarely wear them because I find them rather itchy. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

"being slightly deficient in supra-orbital hirsuteness. Classic, Able, it's why I keep you on! And I must admit that catalogue has some frightfully smart gear in it. Almost makes me ashamed of baggy, saggy, wrinkled LJs which the 'Memsahib' insists are, in my case, skin-tight!

'Catching' what, Tom, the mind boggles?

Look, 'W', you've tried that scratchy LJ excuse with the magistrate before and he's not going to believe it again - just stay away from the big girls' school and behave yourself!

In our house, the "gorbal worming" factor is determined by the number of Friday evenings it's warm enough to sit out on the bench in the front garden (which faces due West and is completely private) and drink a glass (never more than one of course ;-) of white wine.

This year the grand total was 1.

Lowest on record.

Well it's at least as accurate as the warmists' statistics, is it not?

Indeed it is, Andrew, but one of your stats is, shall we say, slightly doubtful - *one* glass of wine? 'Shurely shome mishtake' there, I feel!

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