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Monday, 31 December 2012


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Thought I best check in and leave a comment so's ya'll wouldn't think me dead. I've got a good reason for my absence - apparently ya'lls pols aren't currently providing such thrilling stuff.

I've been glued to the edge of my chair and have hid the 'do-flickr' so I'll not miss a nanosecond of C-Span.

Might ask your buddy Rupe, David - make our C-Span available in the UK. My best to all in 2013!

Duff, how could anyone possibly think of you as boring!
Dashing, handsome, sexy.... I can't go on.
That memsahib is such a lucky woman, I can quite understand why she adores and worships you.
Happy 2013!


so's ya'll wouldn't think me dead. I've got a good reason for my absence -

You mean Little Rock had the first white Christmas in since before we can remember. Glad to see your internet connection survived.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

I forecast that we will get a lot more of the same. Apple will make an iWatch. I am not going to drink less.

Not quite sure what C-Span is, JK, but if it rocks your boat, so be it, and actually watching paint dry is better than watching our pols!

Andra, "Dashing, handsome, sexy.... I can't go on" - oh do give it a try! And Best Wishes to you, too - 2013, lucky for some!

Hank, you mean global warming has final hit Little Rock!

'Envelope', two out of three - not bad - but Apple will only make an 'I-Won't-Watch'!

Yep, we too have an unfamiliar orange orb in the sky, and a puzzling lack of pissing-it-down.

We also got an unusual present for the New Year.

Well, since you don't know David:

And yeah, Little Rock's knee-deep in global warming - encased actually. 200,000 without electrical power due to ice. The total's somewheres down near 10,000 presently.

If y'all in the UK have an extra few million tons of oh, coal oughta help, high sulpher content coal if you have it - we'd be mighty grateful if you'd send it our way.

Don't route it through Washington DC though, the pols turned up their thermostats bipartisanly for their celebrations. I fear they'd keep the fuel for themselves and only allow smoke to be blown Arkansas' way.

David. Was feeling really delicate today after too much of the brew and had to visit the relatives in Paisley. The mrs went ahead and I followed later. Thought I would walk the four miles! (still living in the past). It was rather cold so I put on my old faithfull olive green army long johns. After a mile the weather changed to mild and I was forced to phone the mrs for a lift.
Never trust the predictions but keep the long johns handy!

Good grief, DM, I hope you have long waders!

Thanks, JK, I have added it to my 'News' listings.

"Living in the past", Jimmy, yes, that's one of my favourite places!

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