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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


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"Chaos Theory" has a particularly interesting property - much that is believed about it by the layman is, to a good approximation, true.

By contrast, everything that the layman thinks he knows about Quantum Theory or Relativity is, almost always, utter tosh.

Probably true, DM, but where the trouble begins, I think, is when people who should know better take scientific effects and apply them to other fields outside of science. Mind you, when it comes to quantum theory wasn't it Feynman who said that if you understand quantum theory then you don't?

Oh well and it was just getting interesting. So back to earthquakes, volcanoes and near earth objects.

The only 'interest', Tom, was watching me stepping even further out on to the very thin ice of my ignorance and waiting for the splash!

The climate is probably chaotic within narrow boundary conditions, which suggests climate models may be a waste of time. Not that abject failure is likely to stop climate modellers asking for bigger computers.

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