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Sunday, 16 December 2012


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I prefer paragraph 1, although I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because paragraph 2 reminds me of a font we had to use for reports, so it makes me quite ill with nostalgia...

Do I mean nostalgia?

Para one is better.

Stick to serif fonts. Always easier to read.

I need more paragraphs to make an informed decision.
But try to make the words, well, better.

Yes, Gentlemen, I think you're right, the second paragraph looks like an official notice. My Monday 'funny' is printed in something called "Georgia", not too different from the bog standard set by TypePad. I just wish there was a way of thickening the actual lines without going all the way to 'Bold'. Still, as I'm sure you will all agree, no matter what the typeface, the wit, wisdom and pure intelligence of the words shines through. Well you would agree unless you were of the female persuasion and, even worse, 'Orstrilian'!

Och, just tell her to turn the eggnishner up.

"I am always open for any suggestions, tips, hints or even complaints that will lead to an improvement in this blog."

Likely a proper thing you used "open" rather than "always."

Otherwise I'd replied, don't hold your breath!


I don't care for the font the copied and pasted sentence came from.

The long and short of it. Short Apple, long Microsoft. Not for tomorrow, mind; post-recession, retirement fund territory. The internet will run out of ideas: twitter this, google that, facebook the other. But the grinding, relentless corporate supplier to the corporates will be there at the end to clean up: nick this, buy that, borrow the other. Like the pursuing gangster operative in "No Country for Old Men".


Well, what about me? I have just received a Kindle and it keeps insisting I must have wifi at once.
I keep talking to the men in the shop from wence it came and they keep assuring me that my computer will do the trick and I do not require wifi.
The damned thing refuses to let me proceed to where the books are without wifi.
SoD, help!!
A helpless Aussie sheila.

Mmm, bit of a discussion here about your options, Andra. Got a USB cable to go between your Kindle and PC, might do it (but someone had issues with even that in the thread)? Or if the Kindle has got built-in 3G i.e. a mobile phone SIM card in there, then it should spark up and say hello to the world on its own.


Hope that helps.

Well, if that's the best they can come up with - "lack of a 'start' button" - then I'll stick with it - and stick by my new best friend Bill!

To be serious for a moment, any change of system, especially to an old 'Duffer' like me, is going to cause high blood pressure but after a week, and with a few judicial tweaks by SoD, I am quite pleased with it although not entirely uncritical.

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