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Sunday, 23 December 2012


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I knew the terrible Tory cuts weren't actual cuts. I even knew that they weren't cuts in the deficit. But I did rather naively hope that they were cuts in the rate of increase of the deficit.

Oh well.

ps Does anyone know what they are thinking? I mean do they have some sort of plan to prevent it all going belly up? Or do they think it can all go on for ever without any deleterious consequences, indeed with positively beneficial consequences? Really?

pps Happy Christmas to you and yours David and thanks for all the good work. In the words of a great man, KBO.

"thinking"? Do not supposed for an instant, Kevin, that they actually think, that is, think beyond tossing as many baubles, bangles and beads as they can at the populace in order to ensure their return at the next election. Good Wishes to you, too, but dare I ask - KBO?

“We must just KBO.” The initials stood for “Keep Buggering On.”8 Churchill understood the dangers of defeatism and poor morale as a soldier and leader, so he set the example needed to inspire others around him… and he kept “buggering on.”

Thanks, Kevin.

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