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Thursday, 27 December 2012


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"The coincidence that Austria is the birthplace of psychobabble..."

There's another coincidence in that Austria is also the birthplace of someone else whom I can't mention for fear of Godwin.

But it's an apposite coincidence in this instance, is it not?

PS Are you sure this isn't an April fool or something? I wouldn't have thought even eco-fascists would actually put this sort of stuff in writing. But perhaps, as so often, satire has been left behind yet again.

Well, I admit, Andrew, that to begin with I thought it was a spoof but it has gone viral around the net and first he withdrew the whole thing without explanation but now he has replaced it with something much more anodyne. Can't help wondering how the University of Graz will re-act?!

I don't think it's a spoof. I think he's an academic untalented nobody trying to get attention .

I thought this was a spoof at first and I'm still not convinced - it's so extreme and so wildly absurd. However, I've seen no evidence that it isn't genuine and nobody seems to be making a case that it is a spoof.

It was a bit mischievous of you to poke Deltoid with this stick though, David. You knew they wouldn't have the wit to handle it!

DAMN! I was just going to post you on this very story.

The link I have (Sorry if it is a repaet) ;

I suspect, Dom, that he will deeply regret the publicity he has received.

AK, you can never poke the Deltoids hard enough with a sharp enough implement!

Sorry, FT, but on the law of averages I am bound to be ahead on a story once every couple of years!

Looks like you get results, David.

So if you fuck up you can always say you are a member of Amnesty International. Something for all to bear in mind.

You can rely on me, Dom - assuming there is absolutely no-one else available!

Good thinking, Jimmy!

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