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Tuesday, 04 December 2012


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Remember the rules:

1. Make a back up of everything you want to keep.

2. Make a back up of everything you want to keep.

3. Make a back up of everything you want to keep.

Oh yea, make a back up.

Good Luck


Following David's last attempt to "rejuvenate his monkey glands" (which as we know resulted in a tissue rejection) I myself took care to backup from the D&N archives - each and every sundry instance where David's prognostications went awry.

His rare accuracies I didn't bother with.

Even now he is going to the Apple store via the town dump! Hurry up back Mr Duff.



I was hoping for a piece on how we are giving 1.5 million pounds to fit Colombian cattle with anal plugs.

Hank goes to the top of the class for being helpful. JK and 'Envelope' get fifty lines each - to be written via Windows 8! It would have been a hundred lines but I see the Apple share price has just dropped like a stone as the punters wake up to the fact that there is only One Way and that Way is the Way of my mate Bill!

Milton called it darkness visible

An impeccable quote, Philip, because it applies equally to the darkness of my ignorance (and sometimes of my screen) with respect to MS8, and also, of course, to the darkness of the enlightenment.

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