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Saturday, 08 December 2012


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Excellent post, DD. Disestablishment would be a high price, but one worth paying to avoid being an executive branch of the Equality and Diversity state. I share your total perplexity as to why "Dave" is behaving in the way he does. Perhaps he is attempting to remove from the Tories everyone who is not a venal self-interested shit.

Trashing the countryside, buggering the economy, disestablishing the C of E, and losing Scotland. That will be a brilliant Tory legacy!

I watched him yesterday on the TV - pink faced and bursting with enthusiasm for Gay Marriage. Why is he so keen - he probably reckons that as only the Church cares, this is a fight he can win. Unlike his struggle with the deficit and so on.

If I was in charge of the CoE etc, I would have a quite simple policy. We would have two classes of marriage. Gay Marriage would be called Marriage, and Heterosexual marriage would be call Real Marriage.

Who could possibly object to that?

If a couple of Gay punters marry in a church it will have been forgotten about soon. Most people have to get on with their lives and earn a living. Being anti Gay seems to be the last bastion of prejudice for humans although they will probably come up with something else once the Gay issue has passed. Hopefully it is not people under 5 foot six with grey hair that forget to shave on occasion.

Cameron may not show any convincing conviction - but probably a good thing - we had enough with loony Blair. We have played the Holy Green Belt game for long enough and Cameron is the first politician decent enough to recognise the fact.

What bugs me about HS2 is the compo scheme - pay megabucks to lawyers and inquiries and pay peanuts as compensation. I would reverse this process.

As for the Churches, I think you will find their dogmas are oh-so-adaptable. In the face of losing business or losing money they will rummage in the old scrolls and put a new 'interpretation' on old scribbles. If business stays buoyant and the lawyers stay at home then the current 'interpretations' will be deemed true scripture. None of this is Cameron's problem.

Cameron and Osbo are ridiculed daily - but personally I cannot see how they can do much that is different. They are stuck with some nasty b£$tards in their own party, those limp Liberals and very wisely Labour is keeping a low profile. The levers of power have gone slack and hang loosely in their hands.

Gentlemen, I refer you to my next post above which takes the discussion a step further.

I think Cameron & co. are fairly safe with the mosques (as they must have known), since imams are not trusted (sofar) to carry out the registrar's duties in the way Christian and Jewish priests are, so their marriages (in the UK) don't really count anyway. The Hindus don't have to worry either.

The real problem is for the C of E, which is obliged to marry just about anyone. I think we know that they will have tied themselves up in knots within 30 seconds of any new rules coming.

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