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Thursday, 03 January 2013


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Ahoy, Duffers - a piece relating to Oor Wullie.

Fascinating but I would lean towards Shapiro. When I directed 'Hamlet' I discovered all that stuff about their being two versions of the play and I decided on the later one although I kept in the "How all occasions..." simply because it is beautiful and also that I knew my audience would expect it - well, hell, it is 'show business' after all! I once read, or tried to read, Peter Brook's book on theatre but gave up as it was incomprehensible! I never saw any of his productions but, as you might put it, 'I hae ma doots'. I suspect that his productions were more concerned with Peter Brooks than Will Shakespeare!

I agree with him concerning university courses in things like literature. I am delighted, in retrospect, that my idleness at school pre-empted any chances of me attending university because when, in middle-age, I rediscovered old Will, I came to him fresh and without the preconceptions of some professor drilled into my brain. Instead, I tried to read as many critiques and essays as possible in order to try and make up my own mind what was in his mind. A hideously difficult task, of course, but I always did try to 'serve the writer'.

In the offchance you wish to be a Norkie-Watcher - here's probably the best place to source a "reasonably" steady stream. (There is an editorial up currently on the speech Mr. McCreary analyzed in NW.)

Just my opinion but, NK is simply China's rabid dog sitting on China's front porch. Whenever the CCP (and for whatever inscrutable motive) China want's whatever - the CCP tasers whichever rabid Kim is then on the porch.

China could I think - if they wanted to - easily neuter Chihuahua Kim.

To some of us, JK, the NORKs will always be this mob.

JK, I don't think too many people know anything with any degree of certainty about NK but thanks for the link.

Well done, DM, trust you to come up with a winner!

Reading this blog is really an honor. It seems that the words that used here are really deep and Its really amazing because i can understand a little about the story madhouse wrapped. :)

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