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Tuesday, 08 January 2013


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Couldn't agree more. I think they probably know they are boring us, but it works. We switch off and the bureaucrats get on with it while Dave and Nick carry on networking.

About sums it up, AK!

Noticed an item while on my rounds David, you'd emailed asking about the guy sometime back:

Well, now, see, politics IS bloody boring and that's what the buggars are counting on.... that our eyes will glaze over and we will fall asleep while they are droning on and then they will say something important, like, "We've just taken on Portugal" (or Greece) as a colony", and you've all missed it because you were dozing.
What's that old thingie ... Be alert .. Australia needs lerts.
I think you lot need them even more than we do and our plight is totally desperate. The woman PM is becoming more and more objectionable by the day and her hair keeps changing colour ... she's pretty much given up being a red-head. The arse is the same size though! OS

Thanks, JK, what was most amusing was the barely concealed 'shlock-horror' on the part of the two MSNBC guys - like a pair of old dowagers who had heard the duke fart!

It's the same the whole world over, Andra!

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