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Wednesday, 09 January 2013


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Are you really suggesting that Cuba doesn't have a decent hospital reserved for family of the top apparatchiks? Seems unlikely.

My thoughts exactly DM and exactly the reason the hypocrite Moore waxed lyrical, as he knows with all his millions, not to mention his useful idiot status, he'd be taken by Zil lane straight to the 'cost no object' option (unlike your average Cuban who'll probably get trodden on if they get in his way).

A question does occur though since even a despot like Chavez is unlikely to put ideology above self-interest when it's his own neck on the block. What will he get, or be able to obtain, in Cuba (still a police state) that he wouldn't in Brazil (a democracy)? Does he have any 'little foibles' that aren't 'achievable' in a more open environment where people might talk? Since they're used to dealing with presidents etc. I hardly think secrecy regarding his health would be an issue in Brazil, now would it?

(do I qualify for a tin-foil beanie yet?)

I suspect, DM, that all the half-competent doctors and surgeons left yonks ago.

Able, according to the report I read, he, or his 'apparatchiks' insisted that if they went to the hospital Sao Paulo they, the Venezuelans, would have to take over the entire establishment. 'No way, Jose' was, I think, a rough translation of the reply!

Actually, when socialists says that medical care, or anything else, is free, they certainly mean "free to our own citizens". It makes no sense to travel to a socialist country to avail yourself of their "free" goods, which even they know is not free at all, just tax supported. They Cubans have a right to call this "theft", in fact.

Exactly so, Dom, but alas, it's coming your way!

By the way, the doctor treating Chávez is spanish. He is the same who has been taking care of Castro the last years. He travels to Cuba every month to do so. That gives you an idea of the opinion of both heads of State about cuban doctors.

Well why can't he do his Spanish duty, Ortega, and let the pair of them go to that Marxist heaven in the sky?

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