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Saturday, 05 January 2013


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Cameron is awful, easily our worst PM since Brown.

In 1982 I was an intelligence analyst. I visited Washington whilst the fleet was on its way to Falklands. The intelligence agencies I visited were gungho for us and thought their politicians and mandarins were a bunch of plonkers. They gave us every help they could. I believe the US military took a similar attitude. That is the special relationship in action. The Europeans on the other hand, especially the French, Spanish and Belgians were just plain obstructive. Not indifferent to our problems, but actively making them worse.

And that, 'Envelope', is something the Europhiles never seem to grasp, that most Europeans, especially in the official class, positively detest the English and will take any chance they can to do us down.

David. You should have said British but I understand where the frogs and so on come from. They are still trying to defeat QE1.
The Argies no doubt do not have to account to their people that they sent young conscripts to their inevitable death against the British armed forces but did so just to divert attention from their fascist regime. The Argie PM has nice lips and should make better use of them.

Perhaps Mr Duff can confirm that he meant English not British. I wonder if, like me, he thinks that as anyone can be British, he would prefer to be English.

Gentlemen, I do usually try to be careful when using English/British. I think our nearest 'neighbours' who know something of our history recognise the difference and concentrate their bile on the English whilst those further away - the Argies? - simply lump us all together as 'Brits'. Either way, they don't much like us!

It often seems as though no one likes the English - including the English!

A healthy trait, I think.

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