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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


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"What joy" as Miranda's Mom says. Years and years and millions of words, most of them meaningless. Personally, if I was Dave, I would put Clegg in charge of the negotiations to get negotiations. Might keep him away from our constitutional arrangements.


Well, 'Pet', having just watched the man perform at question time my depression has deepened. The 'apparatchiks' are using the current situation to push for even closer union up to and including a United States of Europe. My guess is that whilst they would like the UK to come along, bound hand and foot, they're not too bothered if we don't. That will call Dave's bluff. To be fair, it will call all of our bluffs too because we, the people (as the 'cousins' put it rather sonorously), will have to choose, too.

You must be a glutton for punishment! We are in and that is that. If there is an IN/OUT referendum, the electorate will vote to stay in. Of course, the EU is also in the hands of plonkers, so there might not be anything to get out of in a couple of years.


You are probably right but there is one small chance which might swing things. If the Euros treat Dave churlishly and tell him to piss off until they have finished making their arrangements to move in exactly the opposite direction, then maybe ... just may be ...

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