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Wednesday, 09 January 2013


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I'm ashamed to admit that, despite giggling (I mean chortling, as giggling is only performed by little girls) at Mr Childs' inaccuracies regarding weapons, fighting, etc., I have read all of his ripping yarns (that's 19 to be accurate), and enjoyed them all.

I don't know about anybody else but I have yet to see a single adaption of a book by Hollywood, or anyone else for that matter, that ever came close to the original (and most, let's be honest, either omit/rewrite huge sections 'LOTR', or just ignore the original story in the first place 'I am Legend'). So I won't be visiting a multiplex any time soon to see L. Rons pet dwarf ruin this series too.

I recently discovered that my cousin is a Jack Reacher fan and just as horrified by this extraordinary bit of miscasting. Thanks to this blog, I knew what he was talking about!

Alas, Able, that's where your expertise ruins your pleasure. The rest of us wouldn't know a Glock from a Browning - and I actually fired a Browning once, at least, I think it was a Browning! Anyway, that means we can suspend all disbelief and just rush through the story riding on mighty Jack's coat-tails.

AK, for goodness sake, get yourself a life! The older and weedier we become the more we need vicarious thrills (with positively no chance of danger to ourselves) and no-one does it better than our Jack!

I find Les Mis. extremely depressing. Too brown for me!
That lunatic couch-jumper can never, ever be Jack Reacher and so there's another movie I won't be seeing.
And you asked what book I am reading on my Kindle .... Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom".
Brilliant. What small complexities people use to mess up their lives and what a great writer of people's feelings Franzen is. "The Corrections" was a wonderful book and so is this.

I assume that Les Mis is a bit like an opera but with much inferior music. Zat right?

DM - absolutely. The music is completely and utterly forgettable. Doom and gloom all over and serves 'em right.
Why wouldn't they just eat the bloody cake?

'Les Mis' - the stage show - is pure pleasure from beginning to end. A great story that mixes tragedy, hope, loss and optimism. The songs and lyrics are as good as anything written by the great American songsters of the '30s and '40s, than which etc, etc. The staging, originally an RSC production(!!!), is superb. I have seen it four times. If the film is even half as good as the stage show it will be terrific. Stand by to be bored even more than usual on Saturday when I tell you about the film.

Andra, intrigued by your book recommendation I took a look at its Wiki entry. Here are two quoted reviews:

"Publishers Weekly wrote "Franzen pits his excavation of the cracks in the nuclear family’s facade against a backdrop of all-American faults and fissures, but where the book stands apart is that, no longer content merely to record the breakdown, Franzen tries to account for his often stridently unlikable characters and find where they (and we) went wrong, arriving at—incredibly—genuine hope."[8]

Alan Cheuse of National Public Radio wrote "Despite the brilliance, or maybe even because of it, I found the novel quite unappealing, maybe because every line, every insight, seems covered with a light film of disdain. Franzen seems never to have met a normal, decent, struggling human being whom he didn't want to make us feel ever so slightly superior to. His book just has too much brightness and not enough color."[9]"

I must confess that my heart sank as I read the summary but then I am not really a novel-reading man. The only novelist I have read in the last few years is Tom Wolfe and as I have mentioned here before, I couldn't finish one book because it upset too much - I know, I know, what a wuss!

DM - Ha ha ha ha ha!!

DM, any writer who produces a phrase such as "was well good" does not deserve to be read and the fact that he 'writes' for the Independent simply confirms, first, my low opinion of it, and second, my guess that it will shortly go out of business!

So there - yah boo sucks!

And the same to the laughing Aussie hyena!

(However, I am seeing it tomorrow and if it's as bad he says then this blog will be moving to new premises!)

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