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Wednesday, 02 January 2013


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"the feeling I used to get when my parachute opened - back in the day!"

Indeed - didn't Her Majesty's government decide many years ago that you were temperamentally better suited to jumping out of planes than piloting them?

You could ask Bill's team if they do a "Jump Simulator", complete with large pack and a caring tender-hearted NCO.

Set your autopilot to bring you into Gaston's David. 25 nautical from my location:

Give me an approximate time for your ETA and I'll have the firetruck and hearse on standby.

You stab - we'll slab!

"Indeed - didn't Her Majesty's government decide many years ago that you were temperamentally better suited to jumping out of planes than piloting them?"

Indeed, so, 'W', but there were some fairly high-powered ministerial meetings to decide whether or not to issue me with a parachute!

JK, thanks for the tip and that part of Arkansas, even via Bill's 'wishy-washy' landscape, is much more interesting - especially those lakes in the mountains. By the way, I assume it was a slip of the memory that caused you to forget to tell me the airfield was surrounded by mountains? I only just cleared them in time! As for my landing, it will be spoken of in hushed terms at Gaston 'International'!

Just be glad David, you didn't attempt landing there earlier than 2010.

The field was 300 yards shorter!

Back then I wouldn't land on it in anything other than a STOLed 182 Skylane. Turbocharged.

And - it's easier when the trees are in full-leaf. Most of the mishaps occur when the leaves are sparse. I'm pretty sure all of the fatalities have been in the early Springs and then again during Autumns. The field is closed this time of year.

"The field is closed this time of year."

Now he tells me! (Still, at least there was no-one there to watch my, um, eccentric landing technique!)

Not what (or exactly what) I meant David. By 'Closed' I mean.

One can still and always land there. And of course, take back off. It's just that when one calls in to ground control [and at Gaston's it's not the sort of "control" usually thought of - rather advising one where to taxi around or spotting, er, "parking" - what's meant is not having someone at the ground radio microphone advising whether there're deer or ducks on the field] so sure feel free to land there.

Just ensure since you're unfamiliar - NOT do it in an actual plane - stay on your simulator!

Thing about there not being any leaves during the winter months is - there have been a few who've thought the field perfect for practicing a few, "touch and go's"!

Because there're trees at the NW end, those become truly, touch and goes!

Are you quite mad, JK? I wouldn't fly in a *real* plane piloted by me if you paid me in gold bars!

Well to get quick from here to there in Arkansas' hill country David, one must fly. Too, too much stuff, lakes, rivers, bluffs, mountain peaks to "go the long way" by automobile.

By car it takes me two hours to simply get to the restaurant parking lot - by plane I can have eaten and been back home and napping in that same two hours.

However - no pilots allowed in the bar!

"Are you quite mad, JK? I wouldn't fly in a *real* plane piloted by me if you paid me in gold bars!"
Me neither!!

Where's my "pome" gone then?

One thing I like, JK, about 'flying' round your neck of the woods is that there are plenty of airfields/strips so that I can take off and land (well, sorta!) and then take off again quickly and easily. Even so, my new best friend Bill obviously spent more money on the graphics for Hawaii.

Andra, you are a wise woman! But what's a "pome"? (Suddenly had a thought - I must take a flight around your part of the world - keep your eyes open for a low-flying object!)

If you can find it David ('if Bill' knows about it?) just east of where Gaston's is, is a spot on the chart labelled "Salem."

About a mile and a half due north of Salem's municipal airport there's a hilltop "strip" where only the bravest make the attempt. Did I ever tell you my Dad served aboard CV-45 the USS Valley Forge (carrier) during the Korean War?) Well anyway, Dad owned 640 acres on the northside of Salem. Dad built himself an airstrip, complete with lights and a hangar.

The landmarks are: there're a series of 14 ponds [fishfarm] with the two largest at either end, the SSW on marks one end of the strip, the NNE alongside the other end. The elevation of the strip is 948' asl, (a mountain-peak a quarter mile W 1129'asl - don't hit that). There's a largish "H" shaped building half mile N - that'd be the hospital (for your convenience).

Try the SSW end first - the slope on that end is lateral from the 948' to 640' in 140'. When you master that approach, try the other end. You'll notice there's a river running at 90° on that end.

There's also a sheer cliff of 120' thereabouts.

And (again for your convenience) across the river from the NNE end is a cemetary.

You'll want to equip your Skyhawk for STOL.

Well, JK, I just scared the shit out of the good folks of Salem but, alas, no sign of Dad's ol' strip - but, of course, its MS artwork which bears little or no resemblance to reality which is why I blame it for me getting lost all the time!

JK - remind me of the story whereby you attempt to fly your dad's plane, to Mexico, as I recall, in order to purchase, what was it, jars of chillies for the winter months ......... now, how does that go again?


Silly girl. You'd for an instant believe what I type? ...on D&N's comments page?

Eerhps... "remind"? that whoever had to've been somebody else, I personally never even learned zip down and pray no Roman candle but then I've forgot less than SAS Corporal Duff ever remembered.

I'm somebody else!



Ehrmm... I'd forgot - you've Googled the actual MMEEE!!! - which My Dear actually puts us both in a spot cause if you reveal me to google, I'll place all those Kiwi 'n Me porno links you made back when there was a Mayfair magazine.

(Though to me back then [and even to today] those film photos of you laying about I never considered unseemly - admittedly I never considered an Australian oooh so whatever girl to be the girl [and now] who still lights me up:

Oooh Andra.


Now. Shut up. Please?

Factual Correction: I was never in the SAS - pheeeew, thank God!

However, JK, you are hereby forgiven because that YouTube was terrific.

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