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Thursday, 10 January 2013


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I think the current American president does have an opinion about the UK - he doesn't like us! Still, I think he should be encouraged to speak up - every time he does it becomes more likely we will leave the French Union.

Good thinking, 'BOAE' - note, I have changed your diminutive!

Backofanenvelope.... too long. BOAE .. nah! No class.
How 'bout something cute and catchy, like Claude or Umberto.
Maybe Petunia, Daffodil or Cucumber.
Let's have a competition to rename Mr Back of a what-he-said.
Suggestions, anybody?

I rather liked 'Envelope' but what do I know? Petunia would be OK.

Better than 'backofafagpacket'.

Agree that Mr Gordon was too gobby in public. However he does touch upon a very touchy subject - where does the UK fit in the world? For the life of me I can't think of a really satisfactory answer. Johnny Bull has become Johnny No-mates.

I think we should do something completely different. No more French wars and no more American wars. Let them fight their own wars. We could make a start with Syria.

Look, I'm the one who has to keep typing it and I type at the rate of on eletter every 5 secs, so 'BOAE' it is!

"Johnny Bull has become Johnny No-mates." It was ever thus, Roger, but as now we do not have the wherewithal, let alone the money, to fight wars I go along with 'BOAE'.

We should aim, I think, to emulate Singapore with the first priority on regaining a strong economy. Once your rich enough you will be amazed at how many 'friends' you have!

I would also point out to rogerh that the USA has only four countries it can rely on. We usually have 4 as well but under Obama we appear to be down to 3. A president who thinks France is a reliable ally is short of few brain cells.

Ah, a strong economy eh, well I'll just knock you one off before lunch, mind you DD there is a lot of competition for strong economies these days. Everyone wants one so the 'price one pays' so to speak goes up. No room for slackers nowadays and who knows what the price will be next week/year/decade.

As for national loyalties, who was it who said 'Nations have perpetual interests - not perpetual loyalties', I think it was a lady with a fondness for large handbags.

The statement that nations have interests, not friends, is attributed by Weki-whasit to John Foster Dulles. It was also used by de Gaulle. If you can knock us up a strong economy before lunch (1251 in the UK at the moment), I'm sure we'd be really grateful. By tea time you could probably do the same for France, Spain, Greece and the USA!

Sorry re wrong attibution - Friends etc. As BOAE points out everyone wants a 'strong economy' and will be in a race to the bottom for boring stuff so let's not go there - be British be different.

Raise the bulldog spirit and do what we were once good at, Mayhem and Crime. Both industries seem poorly run and poorly equipped and we seem well equipped temperamentally and intellectually to excel in this market. So, turn the Pharma lot into doing something more - er - profitable, train up the pickpockets and muggers with language skills. Get Quimetic doing something useful at reasonable cost for once and train the brighter students at HM Universities of Crime in money laundering, fraud, racketeering and blackmail (the Big 4 will help here). Then export them to work and remit (we have their families...).

Of course our competitors will be jealous and won't like us and we might have to leave the UN and the EU and we might have to beef up defences. But omlettes - eggs.

Actually the saying goes further back all the way to Palmerston in 1848:

"We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow."

And, Roger, I worry about you . . . !

Of course, the easiest way to re-invigorate our economy is to abolish vast swathes of EU inspired regulation.

Perhaps, to help out rogerh we could build up a nice mercenary force? We could hire them to the French or Americans.

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