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Tuesday, 08 January 2013


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Note too that equating "internal natural variability" to ‘noise’ is pretty naughty. By "noise" most physical scientists would mean random variations and measurement errors, not just a catch-all of stuff they don't understand about the system.

I agree with dearieme - it is naughty. Environmental scientists are supposed to understand these things. My generation did.

I've never been a fan of global warming or climate whatever, but I've got to say it's bloody hot in Australia right now!
Cairns is having our normal 33 oC days and we're pretty much the coldest town on the continent.
Bushfires everywhere and a very sad situation all around.

And furthermore, this thingie whereupon one must decipher the letters ........hmm.
It ain't easy. One of our Prime Ministers (Malcolm Fraser to be exact) once told the Australian population that life wasn't meant to be easy .... we (the people) didn't appreciate that too much, considering that he was most definitely born with a silver spoon up his ahem, and further furthermore, he looked just like an Easter Island statue!
And there endeth the lesson in Aussie politics.
I sincerely hope you are paying attention.

Yes, Andra, you Aussies are certainly going through it at the top end of the scale but the Chinks and the Russkies are getting it at the other end of the scale with frozen temperatures at new lows and lasting longer than previously. All very complicated - and chaotic, which makes easy explanations very doubtful

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