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Wednesday, 02 January 2013


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When people say its' a toddlin' town, the reference must be to "Tod" in German.

Well then...

And what are such nice English girls doing in a place like...


However, I do want to ask them why the hell they keep voting in corrupt and utterly useless Democrat administrations in election after election after election?

I do not live in the City so I can't vote there (early and often of course.)

The Republican Party in Chicago is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party. "Republican" candidates for office are often "on loan" from the Democrats. Or on the payroll. (Consider the problems or our President - who went to Washington to find our that there are Republicans who don't follow orders from the Democratic National Committee. It was a hard adjustment. )

The City has has one of the strictest building codes in the country, reportedly it is impossible to build something for a reasonable price and be in compliance. Not a problem a greased palm can't fix. But if you put don't support the Dems your property will be inspected by one of the few honest inspectors. If you own property in the city say "Yes Mr. Emanuel what ever you want."
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Ah, very witty, Wilde, er, I mean, DM!

Sorry, JK, but I only managed the first minute and a half of the most boring YouTube I have ever seen!

Hank, yes, the whole place is a prime example of the phrase "a rotten borough". And I remember reading that Mrs. Jarrett, who now sits on the right hand of the President, (er, not literally, of course) made plenty of money from property (non)management of Chicago tenements.

One of the interesting things about the USA, viewed from a safe distance, is the proliferation of paramilitary forces. ATF, FBI, DEA, HSA, TSA, State Police and so on. All armed to the teeth. Even the Dept of Education has a SWAT team!

"Even the Dept of Education has a SWAT team!"

Could have done with one of those at my school to deal with the likes of, er, me, actually!

At my Secondary Modern school we had a SWAK team.

Well. Let me attempt to make up for that turribull link:

'Envelope, are you sure it wasn't a SWALK team?

JK, thanks for the link, I'll get to it later today.

JK, just read him - excellent!

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