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Friday, 18 January 2013


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Well, if I was Dave, I would just keep my head down. Don't agree to anything and don't make any helpful suggestions. When you look at Rumpy, Barroso and Schultz, you certainly don't imagine they could fight their way out of a paper bag, let alone the Eurozone crisis. Let them get on with, they'll screw it up without our help.

But they're just Merkel's glove-puppets. Even so, I wouldn't underestimate them, their tenacity in holding it altogether for as long as they have certainly exceeded my expectations.

If Dave had any sense he'd hold the referendum on the same day as the General Election and as many Council elections as possible. It's hard to believe that the people who would roll out to vote against the dictators of Bruxelles would be keen to vote for the dictators of the Labour party. 'course, that might lumber the country with more Dave, but the alternative is two-Eds-are-worse-than-one.

You obviously have more faith than I do in Mrs Merkel! The whole thing is held together by inertia. Imagine a large boulder rolling down hill. It's actually 27 chunks of rock loosely held together. None of them can jump free because of the speed and they are all afraid of being crushed. So they are sticking together hoping something will turn up. It'll probably be something like the river just before it goes over Niagara Falls.

Good point, DM, but would 'Cleggoron' let him do it? ("Two-Eds" etc, ho-ho, very witty, Wilde!)

It's not so much faith in Mrs. Merkel as the fact that he who pays the piper etc. I agree that nothing much has been solved and that they 'cling to nurse for fear of something worse' but, quite remarkably in my opinion the markets have allowed them to do so. I am still waiting for the second shoe to drop but I'm not holding my breath!

XX he carefully promises a referendum only after the next election.XX

Aye. And the damn fool, imbicilic British public, with the attention span of a grade 4 alzheimers patient, will fall for it AGAIN!!!

I know, I know, FT, democracy would work so much better if only we could get rid of the damn people! On this particular topic, of course, relations with Europe come well down the list of main concerns for most people. Sooner or later they will learn the hard way - again!

FT. You must have tremendous expert educational qualities to make the above statement.
The Brits as they do will cast their vote in their own personal interest.
OK I concede a minority mainly middle class leftys will vote for something or other.

"something or other" - yes, I'd vote for that!

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