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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


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Well, I wouldn't buy a used car from YOU so I certainly wouldn't buy any old clunker from this person.

"I'm sure Prof. Haigh is impeccably honest in her personal dealings": speculation without evidence, Duffers. Tut, tut.

I think DM that was an example of Honor among second hand car theiv..., er, salespeople!

Well, I wouldn't sell you one, Andra, I couldn't stand the 'ag' every Monday morning!

More, DM, of a speculative eye on m'learned friends!

JK, I used to operate as Duff Motors - need I say more?

Why would you think I would confine my "ag" to just Monday morning?
Duff Motors .... ha ha ha!

Excuse me, Madam, but 'Duff Motors' were highly regarded purveyors of horseless carriages to the gentry!

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