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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


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I'm a little confused (well, more than usual).

I have rather an eclectic taste in music. So much so I recently stunned some colleagues at a 'professional development meeting' (a couple of pints down the local after a hard day) whilst discussing a delightful 'tune' by Michele McLaughlin (check Youtube for examples), waxing lyrical on the tonal and rhythmic aspects, when another customer activated the Wurlitzer. My colleagues demands of 'What the f***...' were as nothing to the looks I received on, without pause, my continuing in waxing lyrical about Rob Zombie - Dragula.

,,, and yet, even I found the 'performances' - 'painful'.

My confusion? (OK, I'll get to the point). How is it that Miss Gaga can parade in an assault-bra (in direct contravention of the ban having at least two scary characteristics - yes, I checked) when (courtesy of Instapundit) I have been following the sorry tale of a five year old girl suspended from school (psychiatric assessments, branded a terrorist, etc.) for.... talking about shooting a friend with her Hello-Kitty bubble machine? Then theres the six year old boy given the same treatment for pointing his finger and saying 'Pow!'.

The utter hypocrisy astounds me. (maybe it shouldn't since 'O' has been described as 'the worlds best/most successful gun salesman')

I'm not sure if the whole charade says more about his blatant narcissism, or the American peoples blind naiveté.

"waxing lyrical about Rob Zombie - Dragula"

Hmmmn! Yeeeees! Quite!

I worry about you sometimes, Able!

"The utter hypocrisy astounds me. (maybe it shouldn't since 'O' has been described as 'the worlds best/most successful gun salesman')".

Also, has killed more people than any other Nobel Peace Prize winner in History!

(The drone program's "Kill List" sign-offer in chief.)

But, but, Beyonce` was only being traditional. "When in Rome" etc, etc. So, when in Washington giving "lip service" is the daily protocol.

Good thinking, 'Uppers', it just about sums the whole place up.

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