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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


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Many thanks, Ortega - much appreciated. I look forward to the paella.

DD: "I have slightly altered one or two bits of Ortega's excellent English in order to make it more fluent."

I'm saying nothing, DD. The last 3-month ban was a lesson learned.

Coincidentally, the current edition of the NooYawker has an article about the Spanish building boom & bust. Sobering reading indeed.
Kind regards

Oh my God, you really should not spoil me like this!

About Italy. That worries me, not just because of the blocked situation (they are quite used to it) but because of the rising of the 'against politics' party of the humor man Grillo. It seems to follow what happened in Greece with the rise of the radical left wing.
In the same way that pro European Union thinking has been proved wrong in so many points, not all that stands against it is necessarily correct or even rational.

Yes, yes, 'W', I do realise that me correcting anyone's English is rich in irony!

Ortega, you touch an important point. The EU is not inherently evil, indeed, I think the motives that drove the founders were good, but the implementation has been bad and is getting worse. That, of course, is likely to encourage even worse 'creepie-crawlies' to come out of the woodwork.

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