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Monday, 04 February 2013


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Happy day!

The bad news is that I am currently sitting in your Alma Mater, DD, and have asked the law tutor (a practicing barrister) about how long he can expect. The answer is that he might get away with a suspended sentence. High public profile, and all that, but it was not a really serious offence as they go. The barrister here reckons two years, suspended for two.

Mind you, Big Bubba's erotic attentions would probably be only slightly worse than what he has voluntarily signed himself up for with Ms. Trimingham.

Who knows, 'W', but according to Sky the judge warned him to expect the worst - or words to that effect. I would add 6 months to any sentence because he's wasted court and legal time up until the very last minute before changing his plea.

Oh, and keep your lecherous eyes off those female art students! If they were anything like they were in my day ... well ... (curls metaphorical moustache, rheumy eyes gaze into the memory banks becoming increasingly frantic as they close down one by one .. softly sings "Those were the days, my son ...", begins to dribble. The End.)


Apologies for taking some of the shine off your day, DD. Said barrister has been conducting a straw poll of other barristers (her husband!) and the consensus is now that Chris can expect 18 months to 2 years. Apparently he should have done the decent thing earlier.

Art students? Are some of them female? They are all numbers on a spreadsheet to me, DD, honest they are..

Well, 'W', there are spreadsheets and there are spread sheets and which particular little number you have on yours is a matter for contemplation!

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