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Thursday, 21 February 2013


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He's right. The British are amazingly nice, except for DM when he starts on Jefferson. My best friend is a British ex-pat, and so is the CEO where I work. The only people nicer are the Canadians, but rumor has it that they are so nice they come from a different galaxy.

And they are decent. My CEO fired the CFO when he caught him jiggling the books.

Kind words, Dom, for which, thanks. Pay no attention to DM, he's a Jock and his real name is McGrumpy! At the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration society, I must say that all my experiences with Americans, including a two week visit to New England, has left me with an impression that Americans are always friendly and courteous. Mind you, I haven't tried 'Noo Yawk' yet!

"Most" of the folks in Noo Yawk are friendly enough David, I'm just suggesting perhaps if you're too be flying across the pond and wish to test "friendliness" in an American place - schedule your incoming to land at O'Hare.

And for the test to be truly rigorous David, pay for SoD a ticket too - you'll need him for what I'm suggesting you place in your carry-on. My guess is, Rahm would arrange "a personal reception" - why include SoD?

You'll need him should you get manage a connecting flight to Arkansas:

Colt .45? Nah, that's a girlie gun, gimmee one of those, JK!

By the way, JK, I see your first effort to comment was sent by TypePad into the 'Spam Box'. I apologise. I do check it, usually twice a day, and if I find anyone's unpublished comments in there I will publish them. Bloody TypePad . . .

Yeah I kinda thought that David (after I'd properly performed the CAPCHA thingie an all - but then didn't see my comment come up as Rupe and your buddy Bill [and Jill-Jollies of the tight-pantied California roller girl] had all promised before, my comments'd naturally slide through ...

well... that's not precisely as your type-pad California girl'd phrased it - but you know what I mean. I did complain [for a minute but then Jolly Jill sent me a pic] in her Sarah Palin beauty pageant ...


Now. Where was I?

Oh yeah.

You can probably get your glasses cheaper at Spec-Savers David. That was what you asked wasn't it?

O & DD if you sperience any problems 4 a wile, n need Typepad - there's a feller named Willy. Just get hold a him.

Jolly Jill's avin some problems w her skates.

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