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Monday, 25 February 2013


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I hope Clegg clings on though. He's doing them a lot of harm.

It takes some doing for il-lib-non-dems to be in coalition with the il-lid-non-doms. They are voted for by the very dims and very dums and cause the rest of us to say very dam (yes, I know the the spelling isn't quite right but I needed to move all five vowels otherwise it would be constipated)and that takes us into another area altogether (when I say altogether I don't mean starkers because that would be another area again).

Wicked, AK, in both the old and current 'youf' sense of the word!

I'm sort of with you, 'Wobbly', but "lid"?

Oh David, can't you see the logic of it -bd- ?

I thought it was only me that made typos, JK!

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