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Thursday, 14 February 2013


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"... although South Koreans and Japanese might think differently"

And Israel. NK is selling its technology to Iran, whose leader is a bigger nitwit than NK's nitwit, and has the worse sort of vendetta against Israel -- a religious vendetta.

I'm thinking you've missed posting the important bits David, looks like the South Koreans will be deploying cruise missiles.

If I was a Chink of the higher-up variety in Beijing I'd be figuring... Well maybe right about now would be a good time to find out if our rabid front-porch dog's collar hasn't rusted through!


If the front door dog is rabid, whats with back door dog.


He is Wilson and Roosevelt combined.

I am no fan of Mr. Roosevelt and even less of Mr. Wilson; but I think you owe them an apology for that comparison.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

True, life is quiet right now, almost everyone is staring at their credit card bills and muttering 'oh shit'.

Think of having a big military as an expensive golf club membership - nice green, nice bars, lovely people. The Europeans cannot afford the subscription and sit in the corner making their 1/2 pint last all night. Other members manage with a handful of cheap putters and seldom buy a round. One inscrutable member sits quietly by the door and occasionally nods politely to the rest.

The Yanks have always had the very best golf clubs, carts etc, but the Yanks have seen that all that expensive kit counts for nothing against folks who ignore the rules of golf. In effect this expensive golf club now has only one full member - pretty boring play - but the club stewards keep bitching that standards and fees must be kept up.

As for NK, just an annoying bug China keeps alive to annoy the neighbours. Bad news for the bug - in this role it will not evolve into a major industrial player competing with - er - China. But who is bankrolling Iran?

Dom, yes, indeed. I'm not sure if Netanyahu has finalised his new government coalition yet but from what one reads it can only be a matter of months before it is 'put up or shut up' time for the Israelis.

Yes, JK, I read about the South Korean cruise missiles. As for China, action, or inaction, speaks louder than words - and they have failed to control their rabid dog.

Hank, perhaps you are half right and so I apologise to Mr. Roosevelt.

Nice analogy with the golf club, Roger, but I would stretch it further. Yes, the Americans have the biggest club with the biggest facilities and the biggest bar but today they can't afford the fees and so beneath the glitter things are looking scruffy, the greens are uncared for and there are squatters encroaching onto the fairways, but above all, the club owes - big time - Mr. Fu Manchu, the Chinese 'Boss of Bosses' demands his 'vig' be paid on time! Meantime, the club chairman spends all his time designing an expensive memorial statue to celebrate his tenure.

Quiet except for the asteroids, Duffers.

Honestly, DM, sometimes I haven't a clue what you're . . . Christ! What was that?

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