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Tuesday, 05 February 2013


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Not long after Stalin died one was on the banks of The Elbe playing signals games with the Soviets. I have only learned the full story within the last decade. But some of knew what the Soviet's were up to.

I once saw the point made that when Truman took over he cleared out a large number of the commies. So he knew, and it's hard to believe that FDR didn't. Golly that man was a shit.

Oh Friend David, had I known you were lying abed at night all these years worrying over this sort of thing - well ... I'd at least shortened your stress by three years.

"the Left have no need of foreign powers to assist in their planned destruction of their democracy"

They're still a ways behind us though.

I wonder about the real reason for such lengthy periods before allowing access to these documents (how about that 100 year (?) wait for Dunblane?). I suspect more protection of reputations (and to hide criminal/treasonous behaviour), which should never have been allowed, rather than any legitimately justifiable reasons.

No doubt Richard Nixon's honesty had some unique qualities, although in the era of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown he could be seen as no worse than some. But in every way worth mentioning he was head and shoulders above Joe McCarthy. No comparison really.

Roosevelt must have had something going for him to be so successful in domestic politics, but in world affairs he appears to have been a complete rube, at best.

Tom, I wish you'd told FDR! BY the by, did you ever come across Michael Frayn, he was up to that sort of thing?

Thanks, JK, always rely on you for the unconsidered trifles of history!

Ah, 'reputation', Able, how they cling to that through thick and thin!

I'm no expert on either man, 'H', but McCarthy always struck me as deeply unpleasant - but mainly right! And Obama is copying FDR's techniques to the letter, that is, spending, spending and spending on his clientel - bit like Brown & Balls, really!

New series on the telly, FX channel, The Americans, about the very thing you wrote about, sleeper cells. The story line basically takes off early 80’s, (with some flashbacks to the sixties) during the period when Reagan gave the go ahead for agencies to quietly flush out KGB agents. Once getting through the huff, puff and fluff of the overly dramatic style of Hollywood, there was a real concern of KGB agents masquerading as American families complete with children.

Certainly agree with you DD on the mirror imaging of Obama and FDR.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Liberal Socialist. His administration did more damage to our constitutional system of government than all the other presidents-save perhaps Wilson and Johnson, combined.
Roosevelt worked diligently to packed the Supreme Court with his Socialists and Humanists castrated lapdog judges and justices for one purpose, to legalize the Unconstitutional NEW (Socialist) DEAL, that was suggested and heavily propagandized as a SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS. And where does history show us this idea of a NEW DEAL came from? It was strongly parroted from the USSR Constitution (Articles 41-46). If the NEW DEAL was compliant with the Constitution, why promote it as a quest for a Second Bill of Rights? The Bill of Rights are all, AMENDMENTS to the United States Constitution. If an amendment is suggested, how can it be Constitutionally Compliant? It cannot. But as of this date, no Amendment has ever been ratified that grants Big Brother the authority to implement the NEW DEAL, all the legislation came from the authority of SCOTUS, only after Roosevelt padded the court.

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights
USSR Constitution circa 1924 - Scroll thru, compare Articles 41 thru 46 to FDR’s Second Bill of Rights.

'Uppers', thanks for the tip on the 'telly-prog', I'll look out for it 'over here'.

As for FDR et al, sometimes I feel like weeping for your country!

Interesting, D.

Even I, hardened old libertarian that I am, (and have read quite a lot of history of the Stalin period) thought McCarthy was pretty much wrong in all respects, until recently when I had a few scales-falling-from-the-eyes moments while reading this:
(which I thoroughly recommend).

Comintern really existed, it seems, and really did work to overthrow the West, and really was not that unsuccessful.

Scary stuff.

Oh, and btw - when I read the title of your piece, I thought it was going to be about Ted Heath!

Hmmmn! That sounds like an intriguing tale, Andrew, I must put it on my list. As for Ted Heath, I take your point. Despite, or perhaps because of, his good war record he was, in his way, as deluded as the Marxists who secretly worked for the Comintern.

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