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Friday, 08 February 2013


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That's great news.
She'll be hurdling the fences and dancing the can-can again in no time.
In the meantime, do the dishes and vacuum the floors.

And iron your long johns.

Excellent news. Don't forget the dusting though - it soon builds up.

Good to read all is going well.
Enjoy a few spirits while doing the house work, time has a way of flying.

Excellent news. Soon she'll be dancing like Eleanor Powell!

Tell her that a random selection of distinctly bizarre people who read your blog wish her all the best. That'll cheer her up no end. And don't let those pinko medics take her any more steps to the left. Maggie would have insisted on moving to the right.

Glad to here she is doing well, but just because she is up and around is not excuse for you stop waiting on her had and foot.

My thoughts and best wishes to your better half (better get limbering up as she'll be demanding you Tango and Charleston by the end of the week. Oh and I dread the result of the inspection so better get hoovering and polishing or there'll be no more jaunts to see your Luvvie friends)

(Oh and I am in no way shape or form 'distinctly' bizarre - I'm common or garden bizarre only)

Lady and Gentlemen, one and all, thanks for your good wishes and, er, helpful(!) suggestions which will be passed on following a careful censoring of all comments concerning housework. I guess today that the anaesthetics will have worn off so she will be in for a period of some discomfort but she's a tough old bird and I expect her to be pulling on the No. 9 shirt next Saturday!

I consulted a Canadian expert on your wife's behalf and he recommended that she cut out cycling, tennis and squash. But my wife's British expert said that cycling is all right. Perhaps that's because we lack Rockies.

Anyway, best wishes.

Thanks, DM, no chance of her cycling or 'tennising' but she used to play a lot of squash back in the day, ignoring my advice that all games are bad for you so it was probably that that buggered her hip. My swimming, of course, is not a game, it is merely a long-winded way of taking bath!

And how's that go again, 3 steps to the left, 5 steps backward.
Oh, just tell her to put her left leg in, put her right leg in, then sit down and have a glass of wine.
In the meantime, do the washing, scrub the floors, paint the house and milk the cow.

Excellent news, sounds like you can hold off digging the veg patch.

Come to think of it, the Canuck said that cycling is off because of the danger to your hip if you come off the bike. So I suppose the problem must be Canadian icy roads, or moose attacks.

or Jack Daniels!

Glad to hear you left her good spirits. Hope it was the best - hehe. Best wishes indeed for a speedy recovery and back to performing her grand jete to perfection.

Thank you, Miss Red, and I am pleased to say that she will be sent home tomorrow! Quite incredible - operated on at 10.oo am Friday, out at 2.oo pm Monday! But, OMG, 'SoD' has been here for the weekend so you can imagine the panic housework required tomorrow morning!

Best wishes! No doubt she will be giving you orders, sorry! I mean advices, again in no time.

Thank you, Ortega, she has started already!

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