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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


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Crikey! I checked out "Lenin's Tomb" but never again. What a ghastly attention-seeking plonker. You don't half paddle in some murky waters at times. Good fun though - in small doses.

It was a few years ago but my guess is that Seymour has yet to grow up!


Hitchens is the sort of person you might like. or like to disagree with over a couple of pints.

He called himself a Contraryest. If it was the common opinion he would disagree. He could write so you would enjoy reading even though you objected to every word he said.

Politically he was a a Trotskyite or something close. So he was a little lenient on the lefties. But then President Clintons' supporters wanted him to lie outright to support Clinton, He not only refused he published that he refused. After the left came at him for that he added them to his targets

You and he would seldom agree but would have enjoyed downing few pints.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

From what I read of him I think you are probably right, Hank. However, you might enjoy his brother Peter who is a regular writer for The Daily Mail and who resolutely refuses to be typecast as a Right-winger:

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