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Saturday, 16 February 2013


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Enjoy them both, DD. One of life's consolations.

I have to say that when comparing them, Huhne is less awful. His only fault is endless self-seeking and a mania for status, and there is something farcical about his trajectory which takes some of the edge off my malice. Falling for an ugly lesbian moose and being married to a hard-faced woman who keeps incriminating evidence for over a decade is almost sufficient punishment in itself. Oh, and being a crap dad.

Whereas Huhne was born for the stocks, Nicholson deserves a public flogging, or worse. My dad and his generation would be forgiven for thinking that they fought a war to keep us out of the clutches of fuckers like that.

As good a summary as I could wish for - thanks, 'W'.

Mmmm, Nicholson knows the system and seems a right b^&*tard, so he could sort the NHS (and its ministers) out if suitably 'motivated'. Be a shame to lose his skills if he could be 'turned'. I feel you could usefully dust off the thumbscrews DD.

Been said elsewhere, the NHS is over-administered and under-managed. A look at the funding suggests the NHS is also underfunded by about £2Bn/y. In best British tradition we employ thousands of admin wallahs to save 2p/day and run the system at 99% capacity. Hardly surprising it is in trouble.

I wouldn't trust the commie s.o.b. if he stood ona stack of Das Kapital!

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