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Thursday, 07 February 2013


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Now look, before I go any further I want you lot to reralise that this is a serious post and I don't want any giggling, sniggering or jokes about 'waiter, there's a tit in my soup' - geddit?!

Always thinking of us, thanks. Nothing else to say, except:
I thought a thought.
But the thought I thought wasn't the thought
I thought I thought.

Within driving distance for JK I'd say. I think they should be prepared for an invasion from Arkansas pretty soon.

I guessing then these are 'Great Tits' or maybe 'Crested Tits' (being that Scots,er, ancestored feller is from Florida) maybe, 'Marsh Tits'?

I'm pretty sure not 'Coal or Willow Tits' and since you've recently posted on why you'd not be walking up the aisle I'm confident these specimens aren't 'Bearded Tits'?

Anyway, thanks for the tits David, (and thanks for the tip - now I know alls I got to do is make some inane comment on North Korea, wait a few weeks and There Will Be Tits!

Suppose I might as well put it here since most of the folks who'd be on the need to know list (meaning, responsible for flooding my inbox with "funnies") read here:

Some of "our" computers got hit pretty hard quite recently - so hard in fact the electrical power supplys surged so as to knock my wingbank off the line - "we're" unable to check email - worse yet, play solitaire - until the IT guys do the appropriate incantations.

Until my machine is righted I'm typing on laptop - arthritis severely tests my fingers on kiddie sized keyboards - geddit?


I went to one of those establisments with a group from work.

Reasonably good looking girls, and a limited menu that is best described as unimpressive.

But they had a fantastic aray of alcoholic beverages, which after consumption the girls would gorgeous and the food - who cares.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

A group from work Hank?!!

What kinda outfit you work with?

Our boss say's "It's unhealthy" (or words to that effect) she won't even treat us to Hooter's.


A bunch of computer nerds out of town on an instalation project. After hours and on our own dime.

Own dime!


Your boss must have a resume' similar to mine.

David. I would not have a problem with either burd giving me relief from the daily routine. The burd on the left with the purse is clearly the business wummin.

David Niven kept his condoms and cigarettes in his sporran. As he scattered olives pretending to be goat droppings all over the ballroom.
Don't ask!

I've often wondered what sporrans were for.

Oats David not money!

Well, Jimmy, you'd go a long day's march to find a Jock with money! By the way commiserations for last night, er, if you're that side of the City!

Ah, now I gets it!

Andra says Mr. Niven "carried condoms", Jimmy, "oats."

I always wondered at that, 'sowing wild oats' - I never knew one was s'posed to have a sporran. But wouldn't that get in the way?

David. It was the Irish V Italians. All welcomed by the British for the job market. Unfortunately the hanger on Priests tagged along for a Ride! Not a Saltire or Union Flag to be seen.

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