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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


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Surely the problem with using gait as a means of identification rather than retinas and fingerprints is that it can be changed by those up to no good? Just pop a stone in your shoe or think of John Inman ("I'm free!!")and the spooks won't notice you. Well, some might, if you walk like John Inman did, but you will probably get a different sort of pull.

Now look here, 'W', you're in Higher Edukashun and it is not for you to cast rotten veg at the efforts of some Even Higher Edukashun swots to keep themselves busy at our expense. Anyway, I'm definitely not free, I'm hugely expensive, darling!


I thought the goose step was started in Her Majesties' regiments to check for sobriety and hangovers on Monday morning parade. Maybe Hitler thought his troops needed to be checked more often than Monday morning.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Groucho Marx did the slouchy walk better than anybody. All the rest is artifice.

Well, Hank, my old lot would failed big-time. They once went on an exercise to North Africa and drank the three week beer ration in about five days!

Ah, but you should see my 'Dick 3', Andra!

How about that !

Thanks, Ortega, I will make that the basis for a post later today.

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