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Wednesday, 06 February 2013


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I'm not sure whether 'Mr' Miller is a naif, a useful idiot or just a hypocrite.

"China has been ruled by a cognitive meritocracy"

Since when? Oh yes the 'imperial exams' but access to those only if you had sufficient influence, money and the 'right' political leanings - much as now where membership of the 'party' trumps all other limitations.

I suppose I could point out the debacle of IQ tests (selecting for those like yourself), or Einstein (and others of note) who failed miserably at exams, but I doubt I'd have too to you or others who frequent your cogitations.(Call me nekulturny if you must but can anyone point out the benefits accrued by China in culture, science, engineering, agriculture, art, or for that matter in any sphere of knowledge or ability excluding efficient mass murder elicited by their 'wonderful' administrative system?)

I suspect 'Mr' Miller feels that in a similar situation he would of course be classed amongst the intelligentsia (amazing how eugenicists always class themselves in the groups that would never be affected by the 'population reductions' restrictions, etc. they advocate isn't it?). Perhaps he should consider that those most intelligent and capable tend to be those who either 'disappear' or spend considerable time in forced labour 'institutions' in the 'societies' he so ardently admires.

Able, you put it all so much better than me, it really is time for you to operate your own blog. And Mr. Miller is all of the things you suggest he is.

Agree with Able. I reckon the problem here is Edge magazine and G Miller. That said this does seem an area where the Chinese could pull ahead of the West. But the Chinese want to publish in Nature etc so they will find it hard(ish) to conduct too many 'dark' experiments. Mind you, if the Chinese come up with a cure for Alzheimers no-one will quibble over the paperwork.

Thank you for the complement (even if it is from an ex Para) but I'd disagree as to the relative clarity of expression.

Whilst I admit to having an opinion on absolutely everything (and I do mean everything - a recent 'discussion' with a colleague on the relative merits re. trousers with or without turn-ups became quite heated, which may, or may not have had something to do with the amount of Etoh consumed) and can wax lyrical on esoteric subjects (ie. alternative uses for common or garden medical equipment - bladder syringes make cake icing so much easier), I will refrain from a blog being one of lifes intellectual spear carriers/NCOs (ie. I occasionally sound not too stupid on commenting on others thoughts, when I limit myself to subjects I may have some vague knowledge about or forget to get off my soap box in time, but independent, creative thought appears to be beyond me - possibly Etoh induced again)

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