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Friday, 15 March 2013


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Whenever I encounter the expression "The American Dream" I stop reading. "The Chinese Dream" will have just the same effect, though perhaps I'll want to read it again in a couple of hours.

Just as well you stopped reading, DM, there were even more spelling and typo mistakes than usual in this post which I have now corrected, at least, I hope I have!

If you want to stop me reading, Duffers, it may help you to know that my other reading-stoppers include "the special relationship", "UK plc", "zombie" and "the Holy Father".

Relax, DM, I think that whenever I have used the term "special relationship" I usually precede it with 'so-called'. I cannot recall using any of the other three except possibly "zombie" if I have ever written anything concerning the English footie team!

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