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Thursday, 07 March 2013


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This is the Gentleman's Way

but then, we don't play that, "that isn't quite cricket is it?" hereabouts.

Bring your fat ugly ass to Arkansas Janet - we're familiar with MRAPs, - A'course you'll need try findin' yerself a driver. As we reckon, DoD won't put a steering wheel in any hand oter'n an Arkansas Guard Unit guy whose managed to attain Corporal.

Corporals gets aintsy in ambush country.

Just for the topos Janet - here we is:

But Janet - you might want to try some Texans on first - anybody made it to Texas had to get through Arkansas first

(If'n there's girlie-girls reads D&N) earmuffs! heh heh:

(Sorry Cindy - I didn't mean to intentionally point out the inadequacies of Texans. And yes, I'll get to your sister next.)

I'm not a conspiracy theorist (much!) but it's not really these items which concern me.

1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point .40 and 9 mm ammunition sounds a lot, but as far as I understand this is not so much a 'single bulk delivery' but more of a guaranteed supply over a number of years (I stand to be corrected of course).

The '2700' Navistar MRAPs have again, apparently, been purchased for the Marine Corps (convenient political point scoring by failing to mention that until all the concerns were raised?) with only a few for DHS (US police have for years had APCs, the question as to why DHS feels mine resistant vehicles are necessary is interesting though. Paranoia on their part? Interesting also is the fact the vehicles, whilst offering increased mine protection, they are considerably easier to 'disable' than the alternative vehicles available).

The purchasing of 'thousands' of drones is again a concern both from Second and Fourteenth Amendments point of view (again in any paranoid takeover bid such 'assets' would not last long in a nation where 50 calibre is a hobbyists favourite toy but their regular use ould simply reduce, as does CCTV, any semblance of privacy or freedom).

No, for me the concerns are the increasing para-militarisation of government departments which have absolutely no justification for such (Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, IRS, etc. 'Tactical Response' SWAT teams) and the arming of increasingly belligerent 'civil' service employees (TSA, FEMA, DHS). Obamas 'civilian security force' is already in existence - to what end?

Again of concern is the increasingly 'confrontational', 'aggressive' and 'military' behaviour of US law-enforcement actions (no knock raids, regular SWAT for minor incidents). Incidentally a trend that is happening, to much lesser extent, here too.

American legal, law-enforcement and judicial actions have always appeared (at least to me) to be more 'Germanic' than 'Anglo' in approach and application (strict and pedantic adherence to the absolute letter of a rule and ruthless suppression of any 'resistance').

Admittedly with the ever increasing attempts to withdraw Second Amendment rights the above would worry me considerably should I live in the US but I suspect any administration attempting to enact a US version of Soviet/Chinese/Nazi citisen suppression would be in for a rather rude awakening.

Lady Thatchers 'ratchet' is in full swing and 'mission creep' will occur (see our council use of anti terror legislation against litter etc. as an example) so the future looks bleak to me.

Just Sayin'


Far as the MRAPs go, DoD was basically forced by Congress to buy a bunch of 'em. MRAPs function "pretty well" even on moderate slopes. MRAPs don't do so well when the terrain/track/mud, no-mud/ and the "expected rate of slope" changes.

If you were paying attention back in '04 when the contract was let, the MRAP wasn't received "enthusiastically" by the duck/run/cover/forward & again USMC - Privates and Generals don't usually agree on much but if Able, you think on it for a nanosecond, while it "looked good" where there was basic infrastructure [like roads] - in theory it looked pretty good to Congress Critters whose combined combat experience depended upon (A) How many WWII movies they'd watched and (B) How much of the monies their constituent districts were gonna receive.

Able, you type as though you're familiar with Twenty-Nine Palms, well, I was a little kid there back in the day and depending on where one was, it didn't matter if one was in a Volkswagon Beetle, a tracked-vehicle, or a plank of wood [pulled] - so long as it hadn't had a squad of Marines piss in a confined area - whatever the means of traction, it worked "pretty good."

But Twenty-Nine Palms California (unfortunately) was not anything like the Khyber Pass [where, like Strykers, the vehicles had a tendency to be at best efficiency, operating at a different altimeter reading than whoever happened to be making certain either of the types could best traverse]

Iraq was pretty good, Afghanistan ... not so much. Shit happened.

So - what to do? Afterall, it was a half-billion bucks investment - can't have that much moolah just carpet-bombed by B-52s as practice (since the avionics for either an MRAP or a Stryker was pretty much equivalent to a Spad or at best, a Sopwith Camel).


24/7/365 TV News has been reporting 20 something white kids were shot by a white kid who by existing statute, should have never been able to emulate what several ___white kids/gangbangers did for fun on weekends in Chicago.

Besides, neighborhood SWAT Teams'd look pretty cool pulling up to bars in either a Stryker or an MRAP

"Why we wasting time on this stuff, Majority Leader Reid?"

"Dunno Nancy."

"Senator Paul, you got any objections?"


Familiar with MAGTFTC no, but 'aware' of. My experience with armour was more orientated towards how to break it, so visited Bragg/Campbell/Carson and even Eglin once or twice.

Politicians and pork barrels apart I suspect those in charge of DHS want them, not because they're any good, but because hey want to look like they're high speed, low drag (DHS mall ninjas?).

Check out the fiasco of mine-proof vehicle appropriation here. As you'll know the aim is to detonate any mine well away from crew. So they first went for .... a forward control chassis (Pinzguaer) - bye bye driver!


Don't even try, although it cost me twenty bucks I consider us even.

(DHS mall ninjas?)

An' don't give me any shit about exchange rates.

DoD checking accounts charge twenty bucks for a stop check.

Don't expect, was what I was meaning, you'll just hit a PX an out.

PX? Never even been in one. Being a Brit abroad one had to use ones entire income to show the indigent forces how to drink properly (not that you ever have any proper drinks over there anyway) so it all went on settling my bar tab.

There was one occasion where I received subsidised (by your countrymen) beverages following 'accidentally' placing a red road warning light outside, above the main entrance door of the female officers accommodation (with price list) - "No Sir I have no idea who would commit such a heinous crime!" (I still think all the kerfuffle was really because I'd marked the actual prices up about 50% although being honest you do have some exceedingly attractive ladies in uniform over there, unlike here, which was almost enough incentive to transfer. If only you had decent beer).

The government machine is arming itself; it is not Obama's machine, it belongs to the government. The US has a largely out-of-control government machine. It will probably turn on the inner city people first, they are mainly black and won't enjoy the support of the 3rd party to all this, the heavily armed, mainly white, "respectable" citizens. Watching from a safe distance it is quite interesting.

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