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Friday, 01 March 2013


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Anyone who thinks the Eastleigh result was just about the EU is kidding themselves. It was also about:

Gay Marriage
Gigantic white windmills
Rapacious taxation
Benefits for people who have never contributed to the national pot; many of whom have no intention of ever doing so.
13 years of war of no benefit to us; waged on behalf of people who don’t like us.
Pandering to the beliefs of immigrants; people who don’t like us.
The total unaccountability of public sector organisations.
The casual attitude towards criminality by some MPs.

Whatever might be said about UKIP, they are not responsible for any of these things.

"Whatever might be said about UKIP, they are not responsible for any of these things."

True, but quite a lot of these things are addressed in UKIP's policies and general positioning.

It ain't just about the EU.

Oh and btw, "Immigration, Gay Marriage, Gigantic white windmills" are all, at least in part, a result of our EU membership.

I don't dispute either point you make Andrew. However, I believe that many of them could be tackled by the current government in spite of us being in the EU. It's just a matter of will.

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