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Wednesday, 27 March 2013


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I think the problem with Kim is much worse than the financial problem -- the coming collapse -- you wrote about yesterday. Kim is in a corner. He is stupid enough to follow through with a missle attack. And I'm sure the Iranians are whispering in his ears.

My $.02, anyway.

Dread thought, Dom, but I fear you may be right.

The whole Kim family has specialised in this particular form of blackmail for decades. They threaten the US and then the US gives them $ 40 million or so and Mr Kim then tells his starving people how decadent the west is and how wonderful things are in North Korea and how they can all have an extra stone to boil with their grass for dinner. Nothing much has changed except the weaponry as far as I can see.
Anyway, I'm off to Melbourne for Easter where I expect to freeze my tits off while I'm gnawing on my easter egg.
What fun!

Thank you, Andra, an excellent summary of a complex geopolitical and strategic conundrum.

And ask 'the Chinaman' to protect your upper works, we can't have those damaged, I'm told they're a United Nations Heritage site!

Andra's correct I agree.

I note the cross border Industrial Works at Kaesong is still up and running (the Norkies however did cut the phone lines off tho - the SKs working in the northern areas are having to use cellphones to verify to their government they're "safe").

And "we" flew a couple of B-2 stealth bombers over the penisula earlier today [Korea time] - expect the 'FatEun' to make some more turribull noises.

2305 GMT - FatEun's ordered the Norkie "Rocket Units" to Stand-By Status.

Whatever that means.

It means 'SNAFU', JK, in North Korean-speak which automatically increases the 'AFU' element by a factor of ten!

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