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Sunday, 10 March 2013


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AWOL? I thought you'd had an IRI (that's an ironing related injury for the acronymically challenged, as I'm sure 'She who must be obeyed' can get quite 'abrupt' if it's not done to the correct standard). I began to worry when there were no interruptions, or comments, in my recent 'intilectool discushun' with JK (especially with the added in-depth military tactical/strategic/drinking considerations I feared a 'military intelligence' [oxymoron] perspective).

I gave up offering lifts to hitchhikers, not because of the plethora of lurid stories about who/what they might turn out to be (mass murdering psychopath/ Labour supporter/ Jack Reacher) but because of my 'svelte' and 'classy' appearance (6' 5", 15 st, shaved head and a rather fetching and fashionable goatee - not to mention the leather and scars - jacket, man, I'm weird but not that weird, with the car smelling of formaldehyde - slides, not aftershave), it really upsets you when you pull up to offer a lift and they run screaming across the carriageway to get away (I have feelings you know!).

'Able', that was a corker of a comment - made me laugh out loud - thanks!

I still can't quite get over why I offered a lift to a hitch-hiker, perhaps a 'sympathy vote' from my memory banks as I recall all those kind people who gave me lifts in the past, either as a grotty student or an even more grotty squaddie! The best I had was lorry driver who picked me up at Zeebrugge and took me all the way to the outskirts of a small town in Denmark, where lived a particularly delicious . . . well, enough of that, I might become over-excited and at my age . . .

Simeon Potter "Our Language"?

My god, D, my father has a copy of that book; he bought it when I was too young to read it (on a business trip somewhere iirc, that was the sort of thing he did when away from home - find a new interesting book to buy), he enthused about it at great length, in due course I read it, and I enthuse too - perhaps at rather less length but no less enthusiastically.

Small world.

What a very sensible and intelligent father you were lucky enough to have, Andrew. 'SoD', please take note!

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