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Saturday, 23 March 2013


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"Of course, you didn't believe me when I wrote the other day that I was waiting for young Master Fraser Nelson of The Spectator to tell me whether or not I approved ... They cannot wait to see the press bound and gagged forever."

Why the need to wait for Master Nelson? Is he some sort of relations to some old Admiral? In any case, you needn't have waited David. Now from Arkansas it's hard to tell whats happening in actuality over there but I've gathered from Ms. Raccoon it's not really the newspapers who should be wrought up over these latest propositions:

"That regulation will affect all of us – the blogosphere in particular. ... Those of us who would tell the truth will be subject to the same draconian regulations that those who only tell half truths ... It won’t make a lot of difference to the newspapers; libel law will remain the same for the time being, their army of lawyers will continue to scrutinise every word before it goes out. Libel law affects bloggers too."

As ends above, You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Spot on Mr D.

Desperate times for free speech now the Lad Who's For Turning has backstroked across the Rubicon.

Outmanoeuvred by Tombstone Teeth, Little Boy Lost, Hugh Grunt and his Jerked Off crew.

But a good result for those with something to hide – from the thieves and liars in Parliament to the warped and sickening among us ever seeking to keep their vices hidden.

Existing laws protect the innocent wronged by media and bloggers. We don't need new legislation that chips away at democratic free speech.

All who care should sign the petition at Guido's site (…or you won't be reading comments like this for very much longer.

Sam, apologies for the delay in showing your comment but TypePad (grrrrh!) sent you into the Spam Box - or perhaps it was 'Hacked Off'! Also, thank you for "Tombstone Teeth", I really savoured that one!

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