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Saturday, 23 March 2013


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It may be, as you say, the Chinese leadership have no experience of foreign policy. We on the other hand, have masses of people who have hundreds of years of such experience. As can be seen by the success of our foreign policies!!!

Hang on a minute................


Ah, Shucks!

I was hoping the Chinese intellignece service would figure out what our forign policy is -- and tell us.

Hank's comment appears to be in Spam.

Oops. (Again)

Is there any reason to believe the Chinese bigwigs would be any smarter than your bigwigs, or my bigwigs, or any other bloody bigwigs?
I don't think you have to be a Rhodes scholar to answer that one!
Personally, I wouldn't let any one of them operate the tuck shop at the local school.

"Rhodes Scholar" Andra?

Admittedly I'm both Ark & Covenant so of course I'm "challenged" in that we've given the world both Bill Clinton & Mike Huckabee but only the former was a 'Rhodes' as I understand.

(Personally... I judge any and all the "bigwigs" on the David Duff Formula which, I think you'll agree - tends to cancel out whatever the hell a 'tuck shop' is.

I used to have in mind David was more madder with our "states-persons" but lately I'm thinking he's of a mind to be less so with Cam if only because they share a name.

Nowadays, I'm of the opinion - Duff's The Madder Hadder!

Pity they've been robbed of their silk (sssh, we'll not tell David the Para Plight? Just twixt the two of us?)

Duffster? Are we given to understand you'll be re-enacting your Arnhem Para stuff - by ways of conditioning your 'pensioner status'?

BOE, you are cynic before your time - well done!

Andra, you raise an interesting point. By and large, like you, I do not swallow 'expertise' whole! However, the doreign policy of a nation, particularly one as huge as China, is a matter worthy of considerable thought and analysis. The alternative is to blunder about without a clear (or sustained) notion of where you are going - as Hank implies in his comment. In a nuclear world that could be dangerous.

JK, I have passed your comment to Bletchley Park for analysis - er, you're not in charge of American foreign policy by any chance, are you?

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