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Friday, 08 March 2013


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I don't think the North Koreans actually have ICBMs. As far as I know they have yet to tackle re-entry.

Nor have they got any silos. Their most recent ICBM looked like something I had built at the top of my garden. We should laugh at them!

Now look here, AK, I can't have you coming over here and irritating me with mere facts - let's just say they have BBRs - Bloody Big Rockets!

And BOE, I'm not sure how hard we would laugh were we SOUTH Korean!

However, I agree with your inference that 'Fat Boy' Kim is probably a bluffer but, as I indicate above, the room for mistakes and misunderstandings is immense.

Well, I take heart from the fact that amongst the hundreds of Islamofascist suicide bombers, there are no clerics.

I can imagine that Kim whatsit has a big red button in his bedroom. Press that, his generals tell him, and Seoul will be incinerated. Unfortunately for him it merely puts half a million volts thru' his bedframe. The generals are living the good life and wish it to continue.

"peninsular" is the adjective not the noun.

I probably take this stuff more seriously than I should, especially since I know nothing about military matters. What bothers me is that the NK Whosit is in bed with the Iranian Whatsit. Does anyone else around here think that the Whatsit is telling the Whosit to start a war with SK just to keep the US occupied? He probably thinks God wills it.

Well, I don't take this half-wit seriously at all. Frankly, my dear, I think he's full of it!

In addition to the 'Daily NK" link presented some months ago, here's another you might bookmark:

"Appears" Norkie subs are out of port - but if there is to be anything 'punitive' - I'm figuring maybe a medium range missile test "about a week" following the end of the current US/ROK exercises.

Chinese press is quietish:

Oh no, DM, Sir, not another hundred lines! But in a desperate effort to curry favour with you, Headmaster, I have actually bought a book called "Our Language" and I feel certain you should soon see an improvement in mine - see post above when I get round to writing it later this morning.

Just noticed:

NW most recent says the Kaesong Industrial Park remains open.

On closer inspection - the above link is dated, Feb. 08, 2013.


But the games do begin today:

But scrolling down on your second link, JK, I see "Top 10 Bikini Babes from Sports Illustrated". How come you failed to report that?

Well David, had you bothered to notice the date of the wargames featuring us and the ROK, you'd noticed that was NOT today but rather yesterday.

The "Bikini Babes" bares today's date.

"bares" being the operative word, I assume!

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