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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


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It's not a "strike" of course, since it lacks the elements of conspiracy, monopoly and coercion which are essential elements in a strike.

True, DM, but one must allow a certain amount of literary licence.

Some econ blogs allege the reason is a lack of really good investment opportunities. Either the science is inadequate - electric cars, time machines etc or there is no money in it - personalised pharmaceuticals etc.

So, not a strike, but a sensible view of reality.

I wonder where these companies are parking this money?

Well, they're not parking it with me, BOE, I can tell you that!

Interesting point, Roger, although I am not totally convinced. Apparently many of them are simply issuing higher dividends and buying back their own shares which may be one of the reasons for the otherwise inexplicable rise in stock markets.

I can believe it.

When this all started we could easily anticipate the frequency of sales enquiries depending not on what Gordon Brown said the day before, but whether he opened his gob at all.

A pronouncement made by that cretin resulted in, at least, a very quiet following week. After that work would pick up....until the next time he offered us a piece of his extremely limited intellect.

I hope, Ian, that you were waving your sprig of garlic around when you mentioned the name of the great, er, well, you-know-who! Welcome to D&N, by the way.

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